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Wasn't there previous fundraising campaign? What happened with that?


We have been working towards restoration of the steeple and sanctuary for several years

now. One of the biggest obstacles has been the fact that we were unable to locate

architectural drawings of the church building. As historically significant the building and

builder Edward Bailey no drawings or plans of the building were to be found. At one point

we even made contact with a company that did a previous restoration of the building.

Spoke with a gentleman who actually worked on that restoration who remembered Kahu

Esther Campbell. But no drawings to be found. There are probably drawings out there

sitting in a forgotten box, file cabinet or closet. But that didn't help us.

A couple of years ago Jim Neiss of Maui Architectural Group contacted Architects Hawaii

llc. who took on the project of the drawings. The project started off just drawings and

expanded into contract ready specifications. Jim is currently reaching out to some local

contractors with restoration experience to put some real numbers on those specifications.

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