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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth Genesis 1:1

All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that has been made John 1:3

Aloha! Sorry there hasn't been an up to date posting for Sunday School the last few weeks. This past Sunday on April 14 the kids were learning about God creating everything. After going through the days of creation, we had made pictures to show what God had made on each day. God created light, he created the sky and the ocean, then the creation of the lands and plants, the stars and moon, the birds and fish, God created the animals and us, and on the last day God rested and looked at everything he had made and saw that it was good.

One way for little ones to grasp on to something is repeating, and doing. Telling the stories even if it's the same over and over.

One of the things we can talk about with our kids is to play out when God said let there be light. Making everything dark and say "God said let there be light" then turn the light on, and watch how the child responds to this, and talk about it with them.

Maybe the next time the child is in water like bath time, beach day, pool day, or washing dishes, ask them what kind of animals or fish do you think God created to live in the ocean. You can also use this when you're outside looking at plants or wondering what animals are around you. The more we recognize God's presence and existence in our every day, the more alive he'll be in theirs.

Another really great way is to talk about the child's favorite animal and all the different parts of that animal. What are the best parts and why do we think God made them that way? Like why do monkeys have feet that look like hands? So they can climb trees that are so high and jump from branch to branch. It could take us down a path of researching about them. In hopes of making our kids even more curious about asking God questions and finding answers.

I apologize for detailing too much. Be encouraged and love you all. God is awesome.

Children obey your parents and Palm Sunday

Today in Sunday School our scripture verse was Colossians 3:20 Children, obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord.

Colossians 3:20 tells us that children are to obey their parents. You don't obery your parents because they are bigger than you, but because God has put them in authority over you. When you obey your parents, you obey God, and this pleases Him. (parents/Guardians are responsible for their children).

In the story we have Missy and Bill who have to do chores every Saturday. That's clean their rooms, dust, empty their trash can, and take the sheets off their beds and put them in the laundry to be washed. One Saturday their friends in the neighborhood wanted to play circus. They wanted to just go outside and play so they asked their dad if they could do their chores after they play. Their dad said "NO, I know this is a big day, but you must do your chores first."

Missy and Bill cleaned their rooms but hurried not fixing their books and dusted but didn't wipe the whole surface. They went outside to play but didn't have fun. They kept thinking about Colossians 3:20.

Missy said to Bill, "We disobeyed mom and dad, and didn't please God because of the way we cleaned our rooms."

Bill said to Missy, "Come on, let's go home and do it right this time."

When they got home they hugged their mom and said, "We're sorry."

The mom asked, "Sorry for wheat?"

Missy and Bill told their mom what they had done.

The mom said, "I'm thankful that God helped you to understand what it means to obey your parents, and that you want to please Him in everything you do."

Why are children to obey their parents?

When we obey those in authority, we obey God, and this pleases God

Who helps us remember scripture?

The Holy Spirit

After we had done our verse, I wanted to share with the kids about Palm Sunday since Holy Week is coming up starting next week.

The kids learned about why the people in Jeruselum welcomed Jesus with laying down palm leaves and garments before him and after him.

The kids also crafted some palm leaves. I had green construction paper, but you can use any green paper. traced their hands then cut that out. Cut out strips of paper to be the center of the leaf, and then glued the bottom of the hand to the strip of paper. We'll lay them out next week for Palm Sunday to remember when the people celebrated Jesus coming to Jeruselum.

Here's a video for the Palm leaves

Next week we'll be repeating this verse and the kids will be making a picture of a cross.

Love you all and God bless!!

I've been using a book for the bible lessons. It's called My ABC Bible Versus

What does the word blessed mean? How do we get closer to God?

With Sunday School, it's something new for the kids and for me as their teacher. We're all learning on how to do this new thing that's just for them to be together and know God on their level. Making my oopsies, and victories are all a part of growth. I am so grateful for all the makua even if you are not one of the parents, the excitement and what you share with me about the kids it edifies the ministry for these kids.


The scripture for this lesson is Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons(children) of God Matthew 5:9

This last Sunday, 3/10/24, the lesson was what does the word blessed mean. When I had looked it up I came across that Blessed means: made holy, divine favor and protection, God will protect us and give us favor
(approval, support, people will like you, trust you), God covers us.

As I was meditating on this and writing out the lessons, I had thought about a tree. How important the trees are to everything around them. The kids and I discussed what a tree does for everything around it. It shelters us from the sun/heat, from the rain, sometimes even the wind. It provides protection. It's a home to many small animals. It provides fruit, and if there's no fruit the flowers give nectar for bees, butterflies, and other bugs. A tree also filters water to drink. A tree also holds water underground for other plants and we can also get water from certain trees too. The point I was trying to make was just like the tree God does this for us. We belong to him so he protects us like this tree. I also like to ask anyone how do we draw closer to God? I asked the kids and Kaylee had mentioned that we go to church. I had also shared with the kids that we pray, read the bible, sing to God, listen to God.

After the talking I had the kids go around and gather what they could find to decorate their image of a tree. They had fun with that.

Little kids are awesome, even if it may seem they aren't paying attention they really do remember.

If anyone wants to share something with the kids just come.

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