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Wayne Higa - Pastor at Ka'ahumanu Church since: August 2006


Graduate - Henry Opukaha'ia Center


Born: Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii



My wife Debi and I became members of Ka'ahumanu Church in 1999. My maternal grandfather, William Ulumaheihei Purdy served Ka'ahumanu Church as a senior deacon. My mother and all of her siblings were all baptized at Ka'ahumanu Church, as well as many other family members.


My wife was raised in the Catholic Church. As for myself I never had a personal connection with the church.


We have six children, five boys and one girl, ages 27-39, and many grandchildren. We are blessed that all of our children are active in their churches.


Ka'ahumanu Church


Present Building Built in 1875 by Edward Bailey


The structure of Ka’ahumanu Church is an excellent example of the adaptation of the New England style of gothic architecture brought to Hawaii using native materials in the construction.


The present building is actually the fourth place of worship for the congregation. The original congregation, under the leadership of the Reverend Jonathan S. Green came into being in 1832, and held worship meetings in a shed.


During that first year, Queen Ka’ahumanu, the Kuhina Nui of the Hawaiian Kingdom, an ardent convert to Christianity, visited the congregation and asked that when the congregation constructed a church building that it be named for her. Her request was honored in 1876 with the present sanctuary.


Pastors (Kahu) of Ka'ahumanu Church

2006- Present Wayne Higa 

2006-2012 Lowaena Hau 

2005-2009 David Kapaku 

2003-2005 Dan Nebres 

2003-2004 Fe Nebres 

2000-2003 R. Kamaiki Anakalea 

1998-2000 Rodney Shim 

1994-1997 Kaleo Waiau 

1989-1994 Richard Dickenson 

1986-1988 Stan Kain 

1985-1986 Neil Swanson  

1980-1985 Bill Pifer 

1973-1980 Neil Swanson 

1969-1973 Esther Campbell 

1962-1969 Mary Moku 

1950-1962 Moses Moku  

1945-1950 Abraham Akaka 

1940-1945 Moses Inaina 

1923-1940 S.K. Kamaiopili 

1921-1922 Joseph Inaina

1920-1921 (No Pastor) 

1919-1920 R.B. Dodge 

1909-1918 I. Kaumeheiwa 

1902-1908 J. Nua 

1899-1902 (No Pastor) 

1893-1899 Samuel Kapu

1890-1892 P. Keaupuni 

1889-1889 Obed Nawahine 

1888-1888 S. Kamahiki 

1885-1887 S.K. Paaluhi 

1882-1884 D. Keawamahi 

1869-1881 William Pulepule Kahale 

1857-1869 Thomas G. Thurston 

1856-1857 William Alexander 

1848-1856 Daniel Joll Conde 

1843-1848 Ephraim Weston Clark 

1840-1843 Jonathan Green 

1836-1840 Richard Armstrong 

1832-1836 Jonathan Smith Green

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